Know Your Role, AP journalist says "We are right things"

 The correspondent of AP, Yuri Kageyama posted narcissistic tweet. There is no remedy for a narcissistic journalist.

Pic: tweet by Yuri Kageyama


 JP) 私達記者は正義。がんばる。
 EN) We, journalists, are right things. Do my best.

 Yuri Kageyama is not a journalist but rather an activist.  Actually, she faces criticism.  Why does she become a focus of criticism?

 Because she is a typical yellow journalist.  The 'right thing' varies depending on "her ideology."  Journalist's job is to report objectively, and let the readers dicide "what is right".

 However her logic is similar to Joseph Stalin or Mao Zedong.   In addition, Islamis State (ISIL) also use same logic. Islamic fundamentalism is right thing?


 ISIL kill innocent people in the name of justice.  On the other hand, journalists earn the money in the name of justice.  Both are the same breed.

 After Yuri Kageyama got the criticism, she posted another tweet.

Pic: tweet by Yuri Kageyama

 正しいことをしようとする記者のこころを全否定するツイートはやめよう。いい悪い good or evil はありカルトではない。



 It is difficult to believe this tweet posted by the journalist of "Japanese".  Because the language skill of Japanese is very poor.


 Yuri Kageyama believes her right thing, 'Japan is evil'.  As witness she posted that "there is good or evil, and it's not the cult".

 She is eagar to label Japanese as perpetrators of "sex slaves".

 This is the complete propaganda.  She do not have ANY evidences about the issue, and the Asahi Shimbun had already withdrawn the articles.


 Do you permit the mediamorphosis in the name of "freedom of the press" or "right thing of the media" ?