Economist post fake news: This is HATE SPEECH

 The news from Tokyo tend to be biased political views. Economist is also no exception.

 Economist insist "Shinajin means chink," but it is NOT true. This is fake news and wrong assumption of the writer.


 It sent notes home to parents referring to Chinese people as shinajin—the rough equivalent of "chink". Mr Kagoike's wife, the deputy head, sent a letter to the parent of an ethnic-Korean pupil saying she did not discriminate but "hates Koreans and Chinese".


 This article is based on polarizing views. If you have a balanced perspective, you will find the issue.

 Because, Shinajin does NOT mean "Chink".

 When Japanese people pronounce "China" in Japanese, some people read Shina. This tendency mainly appears in elderly people.

 And then, Jin means "people". So, Shina-Jin means "Chinese-Peope". This word has no more information that.


 You will be able to find the evidence on Google Map.

Photo: East China Sea - Google Map Japan Edition

 Do you know "East China Sea"? The East China Sea is a marginal sea east of China and to the east lies the Japanese islands of Kyushu.

 Let's check the signage.

  • English: East China Sea
  • Japanese: 東シナ海 (Higashi-Shina-Kai)
  • Chinese: 东海

 East = 東 (Higashi) = 东, China = Shina, and Sea = 海. Do you believe Economist's opinion? Why the International Nonproprietary Name become "hate-speech" words?


 A likely explanation is that the writer of Economist is racist. If Japanese ban to pronounce China as "Shina", it will be discrimination.

 For example, the parent company of Economist is Italian company, Exor. Cina means China in Italy. In addition, the pronunciation is quite similar to "Shina" by Japanese.

 The writer of Economist is strangely uninterested in the pronunciation of EU nations.


 David McNeill, Irish Times writer, has same opinion as the Economist. His logic has same vulnerability.

 If he wrote the article of Economist, he re-use the problematic article. If not, Economist hire the racist as a writer.

 Economist should dismiss the writer for misconduct. Because the writer has biased political views and makes fake news.