Japanese TV unveils the war crimes of US forces

 Japanese TV station, TV Asahi, announced that TV Asahi will broadcast the program called "Bikini Atoll, the truth of 63th year".

 This program will be broadcast on August 6. It says that the war crimes of US forces are unvealed during the show.

 The program preview text is below:


 On air date, August 6, is the memorial day for Hiroshima city.

 That day 72 years ago, 8:15 AM. The atomic bomb dropped by B-29 bomber, Enola Gay.  In no time, 140 thousand people have disappeared from this world.

 And, mamy of survivors suffered the internal exposure as a result of "black rain". They have been suffering from the cancer and so on.

 The third Hibakusha following Hiroshima and Nagasaki were residents lived in the paradise of the South Pacific and the 23 crews of Daigo-Fukuryu-Maru.


 1 March 1954, the experiment "Bravo" changed Bikini Atoll's circumstances into the hell.

 The diameter of fireball is 40 km (24.85 miles).  1000 times more powerful than the Little Boy weapon used on Hiroshima.

 And, Ashes of death fell down over the 86 residents of Rongelap Atoll.  Strangely, they had not evacuated.

 The suffering continues, and has been inherited child / grandchild generations.



 The TV crews get special permission, and do original research at Rongelap Atoll with former residents.

 The US government released the safety declaration.  But the radiation dose is still high except main part.  No one know the safety about living conditions, seafood, and farm goods.


 The TV show reported extensively on "the refugees of nuclear".  They forced to move from Bikini Atoll to Kili Island, in addition they forced to move as a "the refugees of environment" by global warming.

 Furthermore, Nevada Test Site.  The TV program find lots of shocking classified documents at National Archives and Records Administration.

 According the document, US government didn't evacuate residents of Rongelap Atoll for the human experiment.  And then, US government permit the residents to return Rongelap for continuous research about the internal exposure.

 The anatomies (liver, bone marrow) of Daido-Fukuryu-Maru's member were delivered to Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in secret.  It was a survey sample.


 Even 63 years after the experiment, the residents can't return to their home Island.  Is this the forecast for FUKUSHIMA?

 «Tragedy of FUKUSHIMA is made by leaving Bikini Incident unanswered - former crew of Daigo-fkuryu-Maru, Masahichi Ohishi continues - I must convery the caution to human beings more than half a century ago.  This is my mission.»