Japan Times: Tomohiro Osaki said "Obama is son of slave descent", Kazuya Maruyama doesn't

 LDP (Liberal Democratic Party) Upper House member, Kazuya Maruyama, get rubbished. Because, Asahi Shimbun and Japan Times distorted his statement.


 Tomohiro Osaki, writer of Japan Times, wrote "Maruyama said; Obama is slave descent."  But, Osaki's article is mediamorphosis.

 You should identify Maruyama's statement.  He made the following statement about that.

 The original of Maruyama's statement is Japanese.  So, you need to translate into English.


 Probably some people think idiot story.  For example, now the president of United States is African American.

 His roots is black Africans.  They were slaves, frankly speaking.

 Lincoln achieved emancipation of slaves.  But they didn't even have civil rights.  They continue to push for civil rights with Martin Luther King, finally granted.

 However, no one thought Blacks/Slaves became the president of United States at that time.  United States is the country have the power of dramatic change.


 It is true Black Americans (= African Americans) were slaves in USA.  And, Barack Obama is African American. It means that Maruyama's statement is true.

 But liberal media (Asahi Shimbun, Japan Times, CNN) bend the truth.  Their method is similar to the pattarn of Jewish issue.

 If someone said "Jewish have a running joke about their mentality, Jew grabs coins", leberal media will lebel the said person a racist or anti-Semitism.  This is typpical yellow journalism.


 The opinion, Obama is son of slave, is created by leberal media.  They don't have the right to tell about "human right."

 If you doubt of it, you need to read the article of Asahi Shimbun in 2008.

Pic: The Asahi Shimbun, Obama wins

 This article is the new of Obama won the President election 2008.  The headline is "Yes, We Can" Obama declares victory.  You have to read the text in red box.

 United States had institution of slavery in history, has human rights issue.  Although not son of slave descent, US choose Afirican (Blacks) as the President.  This is historic election.

 Can you find the difference between this article and Maruyama's?